Cycle our world: a round the world bike ride in aid of rainforest conservation.

Hi, we are Oscar and Nadja, an English teacher/weekend endurance cyclist from London & an artist/freelance graphic designer from the Netherlands. In April 2019, I (Oscar) will be embarking on a ~30,000 mile bicycle trip around the world, whereas I (Nadja) will be joining in Georgia in September/October as I was finalizing my studies. The trip will last around 3-4 years in total, with some extended stops along the way to live & work in New Zealand, Canada and somewhere in South America. We hope to cycle the complete length of two of the world’s great landmasses, Europe to East Asia, then to Australia & New Zealand, and following that from Alaska to Argentina along the Pan-American Highway.

The trip will be almost entirely self-funded, along the way we will use our experience to find short-term work, and, failing that, we'll be working online as long as we can find a secure wifi connection. We plan to be as self-sufficient as possible, taking with us a tent, clothes washing system, small solar panels to charge our devices and a camp-cooking setup which all will have the added benefit of keeping our outgoings low. We will be doing everything we can do to avoid flying between land masses, attempting to hitch rides on boats between continents, but we'll have to see what is possible along the way.

The main aim of this trip is to collect money for coolearth.org, an NGO who work to save at-risk rainforest and millions of acres of neighbouring forest. They work with communities in South America, The Congo and Papua New-Guinea, putting local people officially in control of the land they live on, giving them the resources they need to keep their forest intact. They also work to provide infrastructure such as schools and medical facilities in these areas. £0,90 of every £1 donated to them goes directly to protecting rainforest and they’re backed by David Attenborough so you can be sure anything you donate will be in safe hands. We're aiming to raise £12,000 over the next few years which will protect 200 acres of endangered rainforest.

While we're cycling we will be updating this website with videos, photos, news relevant to our cause, as well as regularly posting on social media. We have a live location tracker following us, via the app 'Polarsteps'. If you're interested or might know someone who could lend us a helping hand along the way (which would be amazing!), we'd be happy to share upon request.

We think rainforest conservation is one of the most vital & tangible defences we have in slowing our changing climate, and the importance in preserving the multitude of unique plant and animal life contained within almost goes without saying. We want this trip to be an attempt to try and equalise or possibly even reverse some of the damage we have done to the planet in our lives so far on Earth. Any donation made along the way will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Proposed Route
Current Proposed Route